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We know that one of the most important key to both performance and wellbeing is a balanced lifestyle. The question is how we help our teams to find this balance and to build a sustainable way of living.


Do you want more? Less? Better? More often or more seldom? Too many decisions, too little time left for what is you. I can help you become more energetic, stronger and self confident - and I can help to sort among all the different messages, to find what you should really focus on.

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Move it!

We are made to move. During the day we need to get enough daily motion to feel well. We need fresh air every day, we need to feel the weather against our skin and see the sky. A few times a week we need to increase the pressure a bit with weights and pulse and sweat. We need to understand that the body is an engine that should be in use to function at its best. No one wants a rusty engine, right? …


Support your team

Text för företag, varför ska de anlita mig


Join us in Adventure

A few times per year we travel together. We go near and we go further but always keeping you in focus. We meet, move and relax. Come join us!


Fuel your engine

What if you could feel energized and balanced throughout the day. What if you felt that you had the power to do whatever life throws at you, whenever that might be. What if your tummy kept calm, your muscles and joints felt supple and your skin looked bright?

What if we told you that this mostly depends on how you feed your engine? Let us guide you to better habits, for your health. Food is fun, food is pleasure and food is fuel for the strong engine that is you - to keep you going through life´s adventures!

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