Fuel your engine

I have been through it all - born in the 70´s I have met and tried most of the diets out there. Everything from the banana/egg/soup diets to the more recent LCHF which gave me a month long headache. I know that if you want to make a difference, you have to be patient. Real change takes time and requires focus and understanding of the role of food - protein, carbohydrates and fat. We need all of it, in the right amounts.

Ask yourself if your chosen way of eating can be your way after a month, a year, two years. If the answer is no - then choose a way that is sustainable over time. Food should be your fuel to stay energized and healthy. It should not be a punishment or a strict regimen - it should for a fact not be called “a diet”.

We will guide you

Toghether with Louise Mérus we can inspire, help and guide you through everyday choices. We can support you, either as a private client or as a company, in understanding what food can do for you and how potent the right choices can be for your long term wellbeing and health.


Louise Mérus

She is the skilled chef and food creative blending the Nordics with her second home of South Africa. As a mother of three - Louise definitely knows the challenges that lies in the “whatsfordinner” question.

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